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iCOR Classroom Observation Tool

Making an impact in education

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Your Process


Observing the classroom is a part of the school improvement model. What you need is an observation tool that is truly customizable to give you the flexibility to measure what is meaningful for you.


Create the reports you need to reflect on the observation data. iCOR gives you the flexibility to create any type of report, view the data with percentages and graphs, and save your custom reports.


The key to improving is knowing what needs to be modified to make those changes to be more effective. You know what needs to be modified because you have the right data on which to base your recommendations.

What is iCOR

Created by Administrators for Administrators

Our initial partnership with the Leavenworth, KS, school district is how iCOR was conceived. Addressing their need for a completely customizable classroom observation tool, we listened and designed around their requests.

iCOR Overview

The foundation of iCOR is the ability to make it work for what you need.

Do you have observation or walkthrough questions? With iCOR you can customize the data you collect. What is your school improvement model? How can you measure its effectiveness? You create the questions, we’ll put it into a tool that gives you the ability to collect the results of those questions.

Evaluative or Not?

Do you want to use your observations as a school improvement tool that primarily drives professional development? Do you want the observations to be a part of your teacher evaluations as well as drive profession development?

Some school districts want the information to be submitted into a data pool and not have the ability to pull teacher reports.

The Power of Data

The ability to make decisions is based on good information to support that decision making process.

iCOR gives you the data when you need it, how you need it. You create the questions. You observe and the data is saved. You pull reports and view the data the way you want to see it. Now you have the right tools to make good decisions on recommendations and implementation to make an impact in your school district’s school improvement initiatives.

Client Testimonials

Administrators and teachers must value the data that is being collected and analyzed for it to positively impact the teaching and learning occurring in the classroom.

Dr. Bret Church, Interim Superintendent

iCOR makes it possible to observe, reflect and improve on any observable action in a school system, the creation of the tool was simple and the interface is user-friendly.

Dr. Bret Church, Interim Superintendent

The teachers in my building are excited to see the data that I collect with the iCOR observation tool because we designed the walkthrough together, and it aligned to our building goals.

Kelly Ott, Principal

The iCOR observation tool is a transformational school improvement tool, because it can be truly customized to what each school or district’s improvement efforts.

Dr. Bret Church, Interim Superintendent