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Purpose of an Observation

The purpose of a classroom observation is to watch and record what you see in the classroom. To make that observation have meaning and be on purpose to why you are doing a classroom observation, you want to have a way to gather that information in a simple yet useful method.

iCOR Observation gives you that tool.

Whatever your framework is for observations, teacher evaluations, walkthroughs, professional development; iCOR Observation can work within your framework.

  • Are you collecting your data now on a paper survey?
  • Are you using google docs to record your observation?
  • Are you using a tool that is cumbersome and hard to navigate?
  • Do you have new state requirements for you to report on teacher observations and teacher evaluations?
  • Do you have questions you want to use for the observation and only use those questions — and not have to use a set of “base” questions?

If you answered yes to any of the above, iCOR is the solution for you. Our completely customizable tool allows you to create the observations you need. It allows you to collect the information in a powerful database system that is easy to use and simple to navigate.

Next steps after you collect the data is to review the information. –> Reflect

Learn more about how iCOR can solve your observation data collection problems.