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About iCOR

We created the iCOR Observation Management System to give administrators the information they need to measure the effectiveness of their school improvement initiatives. We wanted it to be completely flexible. We wanted the user experience to be simple and uncluttered. We didn’t want to guess on the reports they needed, and wanted to give them the ability to create any type of report.

The results of that overall philosophy is a robust database system that is an effective school improvement tool. It collects the data that you need. It has the flexibility to drive teacher reports, and pull data from the system to help you determine how you can use the information to make changes and drive professional development.

iCOR is designed as a cloud-based service. It is designed for the iPad interface, but works well on any device that has Internet and a browser window. The iPad app will be released soon.




iCOR has a clean user interface designed for the iPad. It is web-based and flexible enough to be used on any device that has Internet access.


Do you have a set of questions that you want to use for all schools in the district?

Do you have a set of questions that are designed for high school, middle school, or elementary school?

Do you have a different set of questions for each building in the district?

We have the ability to make all of those scenarios work for you.


iCOR give you the flexibility to have as many observers as you would like on your system. You can have administrators gather the observation data. You can also have peer observations done by teachers.

Reporting can be viewed by the type of observer that performed the observation. If you want to review the data by administrators only, or by peer observers only, the reporting gives you the ability to do that.

Teacher Reports

If you have enabled the feature so the system is “teacher reportable”, then you have turned on the teacher report function.

Pull reports by specific teacher, or aggregate the data by a group of teachers. This choice can be indicated in the report criteria screen for the summary report.

This is one of the many types of reports available with iCOR.

Data Reports

When you initially get set up on the system, you will be able to set up the following:
– class periods
– grade levels
– content areas
– list of instructors per school
– district level questions
– building level questions
– various question types

After the observation is set up and observations are done, then you will have the ability to query the data from any specific question, or the above specific criteria.

For example: If you want to view a report for 7th grade, and only want to see the questions that pertain to Positive Behavior Support, you can indicate that on the report criteria.

Teacher Email

When an observation is created and submitted, the teacher in that classroom will receive an email with the summary of the observation. The report comes as a PDF document attached to an email that is sent from the iCOR System.

When setting up the system options, you can choose to not utilize this feature if that is your preference.

Client Testimonials

Administrators and teachers must value the data that is being collected and analyzed for it to positively impact the teaching and learning occurring in the classroom.

Dr. Bret Church, Interim Superintendent

iCOR makes it possible to observe, reflect and improve on any observable action in a school system, the creation of the tool was simple and the interface is user-friendly.

Dr. Bret Church, Interim Superintendent

The teachers in my building are excited to see the data that I collect with the iCOR observation tool because we designed the walkthrough together, and it aligned to our building goals.

Kelly Ott, Principal

The iCOR observation tool is a transformational school improvement tool, because it can be truly customized to what each school or district’s improvement efforts.

Dr. Bret Church, Interim Superintendent