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School Improvement

How do you measure success and progress as you work on school improvement initiatives?

Do you have a paper form / survey?

Do you have a survey in google docs?

Whatever your system is (Danielson, Marzano, Marshall, Knight, etc) and whatever your goals are, you need a tool that can collect data easily and show the reports you want.

Is it worth 4 minutes of your time to find out if iCOR may be a fit for you?

Pamela Potts from iCOR will be your presenter.

Please join us as we give a demonstration of iCOR / Impact Observation Resource Tool.

Each district and school is unique. The iCOR Observation Tool was designed to respect this uniqueness. It provides districts and schools the opportunity to develop their own observations aligned to district initiatives, building goals, teacher input, and student needs.

Data is key. You need the right data to make the right decisions. That data should be available easily and customizable to reflect your needs. Collect and aggregate the data with iCOR.

Our desire is to help you make a difference in education by giving you the right information, in the right format, to help you make decisions on your school improvement goals.

Upcoming Events

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