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Press Release v1.2.1

iCOR Version 1.2.1

OVERLAND PARK, KS, May 21, 2013 – iCOR (Impact Classroom Observation Resource) is a leading classroom observation solution. Our cloud-based platform connects administrators and instructional leaders to the classroom instructor, providing an easy to use data collection and reporting system for targeted classroom observations. Version 1.2.1 of the iCOR tool continues the evolution of the product by providing the following new features:

Rating Question Type: The system now has the ability to collect data using a question type that gives you a scale or rating. The system may be configured to have a rating number (ex: 1 through 5), or you may choose to have a text rating (ex: poor to excellent).

Counting Question Type Feature Enhancement: There is also an added ratio function to counting questions, allowing the data collected to easily measure the ratio based on the number counts gathered. For example, a school district that utilizes the iCOR tool has the projected standard of a 2:1 ratio between reinforcing and correcting comments from teachers to students, and with the ratio aspect of the counting questions feature, this measurement is easy for them to make.

Through the combination of cloud, mobile, web, and customization iCOR is transforming teacher observation. Data can now be recorded efficiently, reported accurately, and analyzed in a productive way.


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