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Press Release v1.2

iCOR Version 1.2

OVERLAND PARK, KS, March 11, 2013 –iCOR (Impact Classroom Observation Resource) is a leading classroom observation solution. Our cloud-based platform connects administrators and instructional leaders to the classroom instructor, providing an easy to use data collection and reporting system for targeted classroom observations. Version 1.2 of the iCOR tool continues the evolution of the product by providing the following new features:

Teacher Evaluations: The system now has the ability to collect comments on questions, enabling better feedback to teachers of the observations made in the classroom.  A new Teacher Report has also been included allowing a Summary Report to be compiled for a specific teacher. This feature can be enabled/ disabled depending on the school district.

Counting Questions: The system now has the ability to add any generic counting question, allowing schools to observe the behaviors that are best described through numbers. The counting questions can be setup to report averages by observation or question.

Multi-Answer Questions: This new feature allows a school to pick all the situations or items that apply to a question.  The system reports have also been enhanced to show the percentage of how many answers were selected by observation or by questions.

Bar Graphs: The system now supports vertical and horizontal bar graphs, along with its pre-existing pie charts, to help visualize the data in a more straightforward manner.

Through the combination of cloud, mobile, web, and customization iCOR is transforming teacher observation. Data can now be recorded efficiently, reported accurately, and analyzed in a productive way.


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