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iCOR iPad Version 1.0.1

iCOR (Impact Classroom Observation Resource) is a leading classroom observation solution. Our cloud-based platform connects administrators and instructional leaders to the classroom instructor, providing an easy to use data collection and reporting system for targeted classroom observations. Version 1.0.1 of the iCOR iPad App continues the evolution of the product by updating the app to new iOS 7.

In September of 2013, Apple debuted iOS 7, a completely re-vamped OS for Apple’s smart devices. Whenever a new operating system releases, application developers must keep up with the changes to formatting and other features that may be affected by these changes. This was the case for all apps running on Apple products this fall. In stride with the changes in technology, iCOR has released a iOS 7 compatible version of the app for the iPad. This will allow users of Apple products to continue to use the iCOR tool with ease for classroom observations.

Through the combination of cloud, mobile, web, and customization iCOR is transforming teacher observation. Data can now be recorded efficiently, reported accurately, and analyzed in a productive way.

iCOR is “powered by Mersoft”. Mersoft designs software for the web, mobile devices, and is one of the best at creating innovative technology solutions.


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