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Press Release iPad v1

iCOR Announces Their Native iPad App

OVERLAND PARK, KS, August 10, 2013 – iCOR, a leader in classroom observation tools, is pleased to announce the new release of its iPad App, giving educators, instructional coaches, and educational consultants the tools they need to collect classroom observation. The all-new iCOR app lets the user create new classroom observations anywhere in the school building, save the observation to their device, and sync to the cloud when WiFi is available.

With a clean user interface, iCOR is easy to learn and easy to use. Set up of classroom observations are done from the iCOR support team, and users have the forms available to them to use without having to learn the setup system for the software. The observations can be created using the iPad, and administrative tools are available through the web app.

About iCOR

iCOR (Impact Classroom Observation Resource) is a leading classroom observation solution. Our cloud-based platform connects administrators and instructional leaders to the classroom instructor, providing an easy to use data collection and reporting system for brief, targeted classroom observations. Using iCOR, they are enabled to get a snapshot of what is happening in the classroom.

By combining the power of cloud, mobile, web, and customization capabilities, iCOR is transforming observation experiences so the data can be collected efficiently, reported accurately, and analyzed in a meaningful way. For a free trial of iCOR next-generation observation platform, please visit Try iCOR. For more information about iCOR, please visit

iCOR is “powered by Mersoft”. Mersoft designs software for the web, mobile devices, and is one of the best at creating innovative technology solutions.


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