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Getting Started

Here are a few steps to get started using iCOR:

Download the iPad app:

Use the same login for both the website and iPad app
A login will be created for you by your iCOR administrator. You should receive an email with your password.

Additional users can be set up by your iCOR administrator.
-Login to
-Click on Administration
-Click on Users
-Click on Create New User
-Observer, enter email, first name, last name
-Click on the school they are assigned to (for observations and to review the reports)
-Choose the Principal-Observer for the Role
-Click on Submit
-The new user (observer) will receive an email with the password

Changing Password:
Each person can go in and change their password if they so desire.
-Login to using the email and temporary password
-Click on Welcome on the top right corner
-Click on My Profile
-Click on Change Password
-Enter the Password twice
-Click on Submit

Creating an Observation:
iPad App: once logged in you do not have to log out and log in — the iPad app will keep you logged in.
-Open iCOR app
-On Dashboard (main screen), click on New Observation
-Choose school, click Begin Observation
-Choose Period, Grade, Subject, Teacher, then you can swipe to the left (like a book) or tap the right side to go to the next page
-Answer questions as desired. You do not have to answer each question on every observation you do. You can focus on the questions you want to for this observation, or you can answer each question on the form.
-On the last screen, click on Save Observation
-On Dashboard you will see a number on the Submit Observations button.
-If you are connected to WiFi, please click on the Submit icon.
-Once the observation has been submitted, the teacher you observed will get an email with a report of how the questions were answered during your observation.

Browser: you can open a browser on any device to create an observation.
-Go to the website:
-Enter username and password
-On Dashboard (main screen), click on Observations, Create New
-Choose school, click on Begin Observation
-Answer the demographic information at the beginning
-Answer the District Questions
-When completed, click on Submit (on the bottom of the form)

Creating a Report:
You will access iCOR reports through browser. Please log in using your login credentials.
-On Dashboard (main screen), click on Reports
-Summary Report is where all of the data is real-time
-Use filters to view specific data (by school, content area, teacher, etc)
-You can download a report on the top right corner under the Export link

If you have any questions, please contact customer service –
Or call 913.871.6200 and ask for iCOR customer support.

Thank you!